A late uni students problem; angst.

So basically, I’ve been going through a lot of recent struggles with handling all this uni assignments and YES I regret to say that I’ve found myself 2 weeks overdue with this post, BUT, its better late than never right?

Why can’t I finish things on time? Why can’t I just “get it”, and “do it”?

Well, if only it was that simple. Like my own current anxieties with Uni assignments, the media (not just Australian) copes with all kinds of accusations, bringing up today’s anxieties. With this being said I think it’s interesting to discover that looking back at today’s lecture (2 weeks ago) what the top current anxieties are.

  1. Cyber bullying/stalking
  2. Consumerism
  3. Loss of innocence
  4. Anti-social behaviour

I mean, whether we like certain types of media or not (like FB or SBS, or The Australian) we have to realise their influence on our daily lives and even communities. For good, or bad?

One way I like to view this matter, is to remind myself that there are other peoples opinion’s and factors to consider.

Are these anxieties justified, you wonder? Well, take social media for example.

Facebook has loads of benefits; keeping us connected with our friends/family, keeping us updated with the news, events and everything. Cyber bullying is a recent issue that has been touched on by the press through-out the years Facebook’s activeness. Many multiple cases of especially young teenagers being victimised by the ‘online terrors’  through the use of FB. Not only has the company received countless complaints on safety and privacy settings but serious court cases filed against them.

So who is to blame? “The influencers” aka social media or the culprits for the cyber crimes? Personally, I like to say; “The problem is not the tool, but the fool behind it!” No matter how many slam’s the media poses on Facebook, cyber bullying  should always be justified by having it’s perpetrator fitting his/her crime. Society has been blessed with modern day technology, using it as a weapon of cyber bullying should not be taken in any less of a issue than any other crime itself.

Such media out-lets like Facebook, take a lot of criticism by media and it’s users. Because with great power comes with responsibility. Fortunately for Facebook, it’s changed new ‘laws’ have revoked the responsibility for any users for what they do or receive.

Justified? YOU TELL ME.

International-day-of-Non-Violence-20131002-(3)If you’ve been/ or are experiencing cyber bullying. Don’t ignore it. Seek help through the link below.


If you have any thoughts or comments, I’d be happy to hear from you (NO hate thanks ^_^ )


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